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Canada Realtor Referral

is a unique, dynamic and free service to you and is designed to make your relocation an easier and smoother process - take advantage of it today!

Let us refer you to a qualified and professional Realtor and you can enjoy all the benefits. Being referred is a great way to start receiving a personal service and making a local contact. Referrals can be done before you relocate and will help make your relocation less stressful, providing valuable peace of mind.

Working with a Realtor can be a beneficial part of your relocation process. They can advise about areas, locations, schools and other specifics and they will also have useful contacts that can be passed on to you like local Mortgage Brokers and Building Inspectors.

Realtors can set you up on PCS, an automatic update system. They will put in your criteria and you will get house listings e-mailed to you a few days before they hit PCS is a great way to follow the market as you are able to see how much houses have sold for and how long they have been for sale.

Another advantage is that you only have to work with one Realtor. They can show you all the houses for sale by other Realtors, making the home buying process more efficient.

For relocation to all areas of Canada please contact us directly and we will quickly refer you to a qualified Realtor in your chosen area.

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